The new library has opened and it’s amazing

Just don’t forget your student card

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The new library at UoB has recently opened and it doesn’t fail to be an impressive building, as we all expected it to be.

Apart from the dodgy colour scheme, the library gives off a bright and fresh vibe as soon as you enter the revolving doors (yep, they’re here to stay).

After taking a trip to every floor, it’s safe to say the library has everything you could ever want in a study place. Of course, the old library will be greatly missed but trust me, you won’t regret revision in this one – and here’s why:


It’s easier to scan your card

The first great thing that is noticeable about the new library is that it is ten times easier to scan your card to get in. Everyone was getting sick and tired of having to scan their card at least a few times to enter the old library. Well, never again ladies and gentlemen. Embrace the idea of only having to scan your card once.

Laptop loans from the 26th September

Carrying a laptop to uni everyday can be tiring, but now this problem has easily been solved, thanks to laptop loaning in the new library. Now you can borrow a laptop and sit anywhere you fancy. Not gonna lie, those new armchairs look comfy.

Take books and laptops out easily

Queuing up to borrow books is now a thing of the past. Instead, the new library has machines where you can scan books and laptops out using your student card. In fact, there is a machine on every floor where you can borrow a book straight away. Bonus.


Plug sockets on every table, booth and under chairs

Let’s just say, there are plugs absolutely everywhere. If you see a table, it will not be lacking a plug. Even if you’re lounging on a chair, there are plug sockets under them. You won’t be seeing anyone frantically trying to find a plug before their laptop dies in the new library.


There are now lockers so you don’t have to worry about people stealing your stuff. I wouldn’t even have thought that lockers would be an improvement to a library but to be honest, it is such a good idea.


Every chair has wheels

This is such a small point but easily wheeling over to another place will improve your life.

It’s easier to add money to your student card

You can now add money to your student card to book out certain books and there are machines all around the library that allow you to check and add money to your card.




All in all, it’s looking like panic-writing an essay could start to be a bit less stressful.