Petition calling for a second EU referendum written by a Brexiteer

It was hijacked by the Remain campaign

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The popular e-petition, which crashed repeatedly online last Friday and already attracting more than three million signatures, has been revealed to have been started by a Brexit supporter.

The number of signatures since Friday

William Oliver Healey, the man behind the petition itself, created the petition on 23rd May, a time when the polls suggested that the outcome would be Remain.

In a Facebook post, he explained the reason behind starting the petition was because he believed the electoral register was not “100% complete” since in his opinion, “10 million people were removed from the electoral register” and the petition would enable any British citizen or UK residents to vote, including EU citizens who were ineligible to vote.

Mr Healey posted this on Facebook

The announcement of the referendum result on Friday led to hundreds of thousands of signatures on the petition, making it amass the most signatures than any other petition on the official government website.

Mr Healey admitted that his “actions were premature” at the time of setting up the petition, but also added that if even he had not started the petition, “it would have been orchestrated by someone on the Remain campaign.”

It was believed that those who signed the petition were not only Remain supporters who saw this as hope in the aftermath of the result, but also non-voters and regretful Leave voters.

As the number of signatures has exceeded the 100,000 person threshold needed for debate in Parliament, a spokesperson for the House of Commons has stated that it was considered before a committee on the 28th June.

Needless to say that we’re all waiting for some kind of response to all those that signed this petition.