Tektu is Brum’s best student night

The last night of the semester is TONIGHT

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Tektu is one of Birmingham’s hidden gems. It was started in December 2013, and by March 2014, the students running it had put on their first party.


Tektu recently celebrated its second birthday

Tektu aimed to give students in Birmingham a new type of night to take them away from the usual drag of Broad Street or the Arcadian. The organisers at Tektu wanted to encourage students to explore what the city has to offer that’s not downing VK’s in Snobs or Mechu – and here’s why you should do just that.

It’s small and intimate

Unlike places like Gatecrasher (RIP), Tektu is usually just in one room, which makes a nice change from desperately trying to find your mates in Snobs before giving up and just lurking by the bar, and there’s none of that struggle to choose what room to base yourselves in. Everyone’s just in the one place, having a good time.



It makes a change from the usual club music 

A lot of people can get pretty bored with slut-dropping to “Timber” and quietly sit tight waiting for events like Seedy Sonics to swing back round. DJs at Tektu usually play house, garage, and techno, which is a welcome change.

It’s cheap 

Entry is around the £5 mark, and is even cheaper if you get put on the guest list. Drinks are pretty cheap as well compared to other clubs in Birmingham – make sure you bring cash though as they don’t accept cards at the bar.


It’s run by students 

It’s always nice to be on a night out and know that the people who put it together genuinely care and enjoy what they’re doing, instead of it just being business. The organisers genuinely want you to enjoy the night and have an amazing time with what they’ve done.



They showcase up and coming DJs 

The people behind the decks are genuinely enjoying it, and usually bring their mates along for support which makes things a bit more buzzy and exciting.



Tektu’s next event is tonight, at the Rainbow Venues in Digbeth.


Click here to visit their Facebook page.