BNOC of the Year: Group Three Winner

It was another closely fought battle

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The Tab can now announce your winner of BNOC of the Year: Group Three – it’s Marvin Obi.

It was pretty tight between the contenders, with Marvin taking the lead with 34 per cent of the vote. Runner up Jack Mably was close behind, taking 30 per cent of the vote. This left Faye White and Olivia Scott in third and fourth place respectively.


Marvin’s nomination said: “This Second Year Medical Biochemist is widely known as a Vodbull ticket seller, and for his “friendly attitude”. On top of this, Marvin is also part of the Birmingham Lions American Football teams, and has won national championships with them. He also ran for 2016 Sab Sports Officer, having now built himself a reputation across campus, in terms of both sports and social circles.”

Marvin joins Christina Feng and Suzi McFall in the final.

You will be able to vote for BNOC of the Year: Group Four, our penultimate round, tomorrow.