BNOC of the Year: Group Two

You already know who they are

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We’re one group down, so it’s time to present the next round of BNOC nominees.

Who will be your biggest name on campus? Let’s have a look at a few more contenders.

Poppie Simmonds 


Third Year Poppie has been described as “the face” of the Computer Science department, and is already a big name in the tech industry, having been involved in running national events such as Brumhack.

However, she’s also set to be a big name in politics, with her place on the UK Youth Parliament.

Rumour has it she once pranked her housemate, tricking him into believing he was under surveillance. Vote for Poppie below.

Suzi McFall 

brum FAB tix

She kept all her ticket stubs

You might also know her as “100th Fab girl“. Suzi rose to campus-wide fame this year after she made it to her 100th Fab at UOB.

Somehow, she’s managed to balance her various trips to Fab with five years of a Medicine degree, and being Vice-President of the Tennis Club.

We don’t know if she has a time-turner or if she’s just magic, but if you think she deserves the BNOC crown, vote for her below.

Lunch the Hamster 

Enjoying a Roosters

Lunch won the hearts of UOB students in a competition to find Selly Oak’s cutest hamster.

He stole the crown with 51% of the vote, and his owner, Tom Gifford, promised to treat him like royalty. If you think Lunch deserves to be a campus King, vote for him below.

Kris Burnett 


You probably remember Krispy Kreme Burnett from the Guild elections, where his campaign put him in third place in the running for President.

However, he’s also pretty widely known as Vice President of American Football, and for his involvement with the Birmingham Conservative Party. If you think Kris is your BNOC of 2016, vote for him below.