BNOC of the year: Group One

They don’t know you, but hundreds of votes says you know them

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Nominations have only been open for a few days, and we have already been absolutely inundated with your nominations for the Tab’s BNOC of the Year Award.

We’ve sifted through your suggestions, and can now present to you a first look at some of Birmingham’s BNOC finalists. Who will steal last year’s champion Christina Feng’s crown? You decide – voting is now open.

Christina Feng 

Feng featured image

She may as well be our uni mascot

She’s back in full force – the Feng returns to the contest as a fierce contender for 2016.

From radio interviews to naked calenders to parody videos, this girl does it all. Chances are you and all your housemates have her on Facebook. A second year Law student, Tina gets the work/life balance right and can be found throwing shapes on the dancefloor at Snobs clad it her Vodbull gear.

If you’re all about that Tina, vote for her below. #Fenglife

Joe Ramsay


This Computer Science Fresher is largely known for his hair, which he once dyed orange to look like Sideshow Bob. He’s also pretty good on the strings (Guitar and Violin), so go and check him out if you haven’t already.

Stories about Joe include one about how he attempted to ride a paper aeroplane out of his window. If you want him to be your BNOC of 2016, vote below.

Chaz Hudson 


This Fourth Year Medic became a campus legend when he led his course rugby team to victory against the official UOB squad.

Described as a “general all round chopper and great boozer”, Chaz has a wide circle of friends. His other attributes include the ability to “overcome the adversity of being a 6ft4 ginger lad”. Vote for Chaz below.