Brum students: Stop stealing laptops from lecture theatres and the library

There have been even more thefts

Students have been coming forward, reporting that their laptops had been stolen from secure student-only University buildings.

Masters Mechanical Engineering student Rachel Jewkes lost her Macbook Pro when she left it in a lecture theatre for five minutes before coming back to find it has disappeared.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.09.41

Rachel posted the post above on the Fab and Fresh group in an attempt to find the missing laptop, which had important materials for her Masters on it.  Almost 450 people “liked” the status and expressed outrage at the fact students were stealing from eachother, especially at a time so crucial for both exams and hand-ins.

Despite a Tab releasing an article appealing for information, there have still not been any updates or sightings of the laptops.


Just a few days later, a mysterious thief struck again, this time in the Frankland building where Kate’s Macbook Air was stolen on early Thursday afternoon.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 09.56.45

And again only a few days ago at the Munrow Centre.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 09.46.50

There is yet to be any sightings of any of the laptops, and most of us are starting to wonder how can students be doing this to other students, especially during this time of the year. It’s so unfathomable that some people are deterred from taking their laptop out at all.

Views on this subject were of agreement that this is an appalling thing to do, especially during exam season. Second year Geographer, Alex Sharp, described it as “tragic” and International Relations and Economics student, Kris Burnett, has learned that “under no circumstances should you leave valuables unattended anymore.”

Well I guess we’ve all learned that one.

These laptop thefts are not just robberies of something with a monetary value but with copious hours of hard work and research that, now at the end of the year, people were just about to hand in or take their final exam. The timing could not be more crucial.

To those that would usually leave their laptop out when buying a drink or popping to the loo, STOP. If you are one of the students nicking other peoples belongings, shame on you for being so cruel. No matter how much you are into your overdraft or owe Mum and Dad, you are stealing something you have neither earned nor deserve from people who have worked tirelessly on the work you are snatching away.

If you have seen or heard anything about the whereabouts of the laptops, please contact the university and the police immediately.