UOB students call for sanitary bins in male toilets for transgender students

Student activists have been campaigning

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Activists at Cardiff, Birmingham and Southampton have been campaigning for sanitary bins to be placed in male toilets for female transgender students. 

In a “Trans Inclusion Policy” drawn up by the Southampton SU, it is stated that a lot of problems faced by trans students stem from single-sex toilets and changing rooms.

It suggests that universities could improve by “either increasing the number of gender neutral toilets available, or adding sanitary bins to male toilets for men who menstruate.”


Brum students join Cardiff and Southampton in fighting for trans rights

The NUS has estimated that there are around 28,000 trans students in UK universities, meaning that any changes would benefit a substantial amount of people.

However, the campaign has not been without criticism, with backlash from some groups, such as the Family Education Trust.

Norman Wells, who is associated with the group, said: “This underlines the madness of the gender ideologues. The simple fact is that women menstruate and men don’t, no matter what the men and women concerned may feel about themselves.”

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However, Chris Hall, part of the Universities UK’s Equality Challenge Unit, said: “Trans staff and students should be consulted to understand their requirements. It’s important institutions are supportive.”

This news comes after it was reported that UOB is set to increase recognition of LGBTQ identities, which you can read more about here.