Business School accidentally release dissertation grades a month early

They were not supposed to come out until June

Dissertation results are not due for another month, but some finalists got to see their grades extremely early. 

A mistake with Canvas is to blame for the Birmingham Business School releasing dissertation marks this morning.

Grades were made public, but then removed not long after. The faculty emailed students a statement claiming that the accidentally released grades may not be student’s final marks, as they still need to be agreed by the Exam Board.

diss email

The Business School says that final grades are still being agreed

 A final year Spanish and Business student who did not see their dissertation grade said: “It’s unprofessional. Although I didn’t see my grade it’s making me stress so much more for my exam tomorrow, knowing that all of my friends have seen their grades and I’m still clueless.”

However, allegedly this is not the first time that the Business School have released student’s results earlier than expected.

Another final year student in the department said: “This isn’t limited to dissertation grades and has often happened with other essay results throughout my four years here. The system isn’t great.”

The Business School’s professionalism when handling personal information appears to have lost the respect of it’s students.

A second Spanish and Business student added: “Put it this way, at this point no one is surprised that the Business School messed up, and that’s definitely saying something.”