Brum student’s tweet about Beyonce’s Met Gala dress goes viral

Maybe Beyonce’s dress was made of Becky’s skin…

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Second year Birmingham Uni student’s tweet about Beyonce’s Met Gala outfit was retweeted over 13,000 times last night.

Ryan Coffey, a Human Biology student stays up late each year to see the outfits on the red carpet at Vogue’s annual Met Gala.

When pictures of Lemonade singer Beyonce’s outfit surfaced online, Twitter users asked if she was sporting a “giant condom”.

But rather than a giant prophylactic, the dress immediately reminded Ryan of the unnamed “Becky with the good hair”.

He said: “Literally the first thing I said was “OMG is she wearing Becky’s skin?!” My boyfriend told me to tweet it.

“I actually really like the dress though, I think she looks great.”


The tweet quickly went viral after a retweet from “Lush Life” singer Zara Larsson.

“Zara Larsson retweeted it within about 15 minutes of me tweeting, it got over 1000 retweets within half an hour.

“When I woke up in the morning, it had over 10,000 retweets and there was a Mirror article about me.”

Ryan’s friends were impressed by his new found Twitter fame, but his Mum was not so convinced.

“My friends all thought it was hilarious and crazy that I had so many retweets. My Mum replied with just question marks.

“She’s not very up to date on her Lemonade knowledge, so I had to explain to her who Becky was.”

Despite how impressive the viral post would look to media industry employers, Ryan does not want to waste his BSc.

“As much as I love pop culture and would love to be paid to write about it for a living, I’m unsure how worthy my Human Biology degree would be.

“Maybe it’s a backup plan now if I graduate with a 2:2, or worse.”