Someone in Selly wrapped an entire car in cling film

The pranksters are keeping their identities under wraps

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Patrolling police officers spotted the car on Alton Road yesterday afternoon. 

A driver in Selly is in for a sticky situation on their next journey after someone decided to wrap their entire car in cling film.


Maybe it’s just a really big sandwich

The car was spotted by police on Alton Road, and is completely covered, making it impossible to tell what make or even what colour it is.

Officers from Birmingham South Response tweeted a picture of the car with the caption: “Student pranks in Selly Oak!” and Twitter users quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

Chris Woods replied: “I’ve heard of cheaply done vehicle wraps, but this is ridiculous.”

@norm1037 added: “It’s an old-car caterpillar in its cocoon. After a few weeks it emerges as a brand new car.”

No one knows whose car it is, or who did it, but let’s just hope the owner sees the funny side.