I messaged Trump supporters on Facebook

Here’s what they had to say…

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You’ve probably heard a lot about Trump running for the US presidency. Like you, I see a new story on Facebook everyday about him and his supporters, and the questionable things they say and do.

I wanted to find out why people are actually voting for an openly racist candidate, so I took to Facebook and messaged a bunch of Trump supporters to see what they said. Safe to say I got some weird replies, from the outright racist to just comical.

Why are you voting for Trump? 

“I love Mr. Trump he is a business man.”

“I don’t know much about politics neither. But he is a very good man with very good morals, make me want to sing that song. Proud to be American because at least I know I’m free.”

“As you can see over the decades and more, that Congress on both sides of the isle have neglected, I believe their duties and responsibilities to the US Citizens.”

He is an outsider, not a career politician, not like those elected officials, they become rich and millionaires from being in the office.”

“He may not be a perfect human being, who is, but I at least feel he can be a person that can help this country move forward on many fronts.”

Do you think Trump is racist? 

“He employs a lot of people, I know he is not a racist. He loves America and everyone.”

“You are a fucking idiot.”

No I don’t consider him a racist. It is said that the Democrats and others love to use this term when someone doesn’t agree with their thoughts on different groups of individuals.”

What’s your take on people getting attacked at trump rallies? 

“Are you one sided? Where do you get your information? Have seen these people stomping on our flag, disrespectful of our veterans? You are annoying.”

What about Trumps questionable comments concerning people of the Muslim faith?

“Why are they swarming Europe, United States, Asia and other countries? Why don’t Saudi Arabia take them, they are rich and have their oil?”


It seems fairly obvious that the majority of the supports feel neglected by the current politicians, and feel like Trump is a candidate that can’t be bought. Maybe they feel that he’ll represent the people as a whole instead of just a selected few.

I wanted to give Trump’s supporters a fair chance to justify why they are backing him, without just calling them all racist from the start, but it is scarily clear that a lot of his supports do harbour racist views.

Despite the majority being quite friendly, it doesn’t escape the fact that Trump clearly incites hatred, and people are routinely attacked at his rallies for exercising their freedom of speech. It’s even scarier that Trump has gained mass momentum and is ahead of other candidates in the polls.

Perhaps people are voting for him due to a lack of alternatives in their mind. Who knows? What we do know is the hard facts: people have been attacked, crazy statements have been made and Trump can’t seem to do wrong in the eyes of his supporters, despite the outrageous comments he makes.

This leaves us with one potential conclusion: that the majority of his supporters use him as a platform to express their own controversial ideas that they were too shy to say before. They justify their hateful comments by saying that we’ve become too accustomed to being politically correct, but that’s bullshit.

Man beaten at Trump rally for having a sign that was entitled "Trump: Bad for America"

Man beaten at Trump rally for having a sign that was entitled “Trump: Bad for America”

The power of the masses is an interesting thing, and I guess it really shows people’s true colours. There are even people volunteering in self made groups to be his “enforcers”. The whole debacle reminds me of Hitler and his rise to power – which is exactly why I’m not laughing anymore. A Trump supporter even made a bomb and threatened to blow up a mosque, and only got 90 days in prison. This is no joke.

Aside from the clear reasons why Trump shouldn’t be president, he’s acted in the most unpolitical way possible, from bragging about his dick size, to criticising his competitors wife for being ugly. He is even reportedly endorsed by the KKK, and wouldn’t condemn it when he was asked about it.

We can only hope that soon the American people come to their senses and stop the “Trump train”, as it seems clear that the destination is a pretty grim prospect.