Students in Selly are really dirty

We’re just too damn lazy

dirty mess selly uni

We all have a uni mate that takes the stereotype of a dirty student to a new level. Maybe I’m that student. Yes, exams are coming up and a clean house would be nice. But I’d rather leave the mess at home and go to the library.

Bins overflowing. Stacks of plates and cutlery in the sink – despite you claiming you will “sort it out later”. Three-week old Pizza Land boxes which used to contain your favourite BBQ Special sit in the corner, neglected. The fact is – students are no stranger to mess. We are lazy, but we embrace it.  Why wash up a bowl for your cereal when you can make a perfectly good substitute out of tin foil? There are exceptions, but simply put cleanliness doesn’t fit the student lifestyle.


The result of one broom sweep under our sofa

We are no strangers to a dirty uni house – it is inevitable with our routines. However, you know it’s time to clean when you can make a meal from the contents of your sink. When the mess gets too much and everyone is bored of playing bin jenga, the inevitable *DING* of a message comes through on your  WhatsApp group chat. It’s time. Out come the Aldi basic cleaning products – the house is restored and the cycle starts again…

VH lounge and kitchen (2)

The unrealistic goal

Would cleaning up solve anything? The fact of the matter is no matter how tidy we try to be, a couple of days later, our homes are a landfill again. It’s a vicious cycle. Yet, I like to think on the positive side. The array of dirty cups and plates? Conveniently placed ashtrays. That empty pizza box? Also known as a disposable plate.

In my case, our house as a whole stays relatively okay most of the time. Other students live in such filth that even rats would express concern about the condition. However, on the whole, freshers are much worse. They haven’t had the time to refine their skills yet; the perfect balance between effort exerted and cleanliness – work smart not hard!


Who really cleans up straight after eating?

All in all, we are messy. So the sooner the minority extreme cleaners accept our way of life, the happier everyone will be.