Which drunk are you?

Most of you are insufferable

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Everyone’s personality changes when they have a few too many – some in a good way, others in a horrifically cringey way… but, ultimately, which drunk are you?

The sad one

A few drinks down the line and the tears start to flow…

The reckless one

‘Who wants to book a 3 week holiday to the Caribbean?!’

The touchy-feely one

There’s nothing wrong with giving your friends a hug every now and then, but these people take it to a new level…to the extent that it even appears sexual. Excessively long hug? Check. Weird ‘friend’ grinding? Check. Face stroking? Check. I’m sure you know the type…

The couple

Yes we know you’re in a relationship, no we don’t need to see a rendition of what goes on in your bedroom.

The flirty one

Characterised by their slut-dropping, arse-grabbing habits, we’ve all been molested by one of these drunks at some point.

The happy one

The life and soul of the party. These drunks will make the most of anything and everything that others suggest doing.

The moody one

There’s always that one buzzkill at the party who complains about everything…

The love-sick one

No, we don’t want to hear about all your failed relationships and unrequited love interests.  No, don’t text him.  MOVE ON.

The generous one

The one type of drunk we all love. The endless drink provider, bar queuer and of course personal nurse when the endless drinks all get too much.

The hungry one

We all know that food helps dampen the hangover to come, but these people take it a step further… three meals at 4am? Easy.