Uni is the best time to be in a relationship

Wouldn’t you rather be taken bacon than single pringle?

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There are many great advantages to being in a relationship. Knowing that someone will stay with you despite seeing you first thing in the morning and after one too many Jägerbombs is wonderful. There’s no doubt that university can be tough and having someone to reassure you that you only need to get 40% (because who wants a first anyway) and having someone to celebrate with when you find out that (somehow) you passed second year can make the experience far better. Here are some of the reasons why being in a relationship at uni can be the best thing ever.

No embarrassment when failing to pull 

When you’re in a relationship, you realise how utterly tragic it can be to try and pull in a club from watching hundreds of singletons attempt it every week (mostly unsuccessfully). The efforts that some people go to just for a snog are absolutely hilarious and provide wonderful entertainment on a dull night at Players. All the while, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have already done all the hard work, and now you just get to reap the rewards.

The best present.

On nights out you are a 10/10 wing woman/man

Being in a relationship means that you are always the designated wing woman/man and after months of practice you are bloody good at it. You can spot a fitty from across the dance floor, send your friend careering towards them and then sit back with your VK and watch the magic happen. Plus, not only can you get your friend the pull she’s been waiting weeks for, you magically transform into Gok Wan whilst everybody’s getting dressed and become Fashion Guru 101, suddenly qualified to tell your friends exactly which outfit will seal the deal for them tonight (forgetting the fact that you can barely dress yourself.)

Everyone comes to you for relationship advice 

OK so admittedly this one can be as annoying as it is flattering, but it does mean you get the best gossip. Your alter ego of Fashion Guru 101 expands to Relationship Advisor 101 and suddenly you’re giving advice that even you feel a bit inspired by. You consider starting a career as an agony aunt, but realise that problems such as ‘he liked another girl’s selfie on Instagram’ are not representative of real world issues.

You have someone to spoon on the cold Selly Oak nights 

Picture this: it’s cold and raining and you’re shivering in your cold Selly Oak student bedroom, which has finally dropped to sub-zero temperatures. No amount of blankets or hot water bottles can provide you with the warmth you desire. Wouldn’t this picture be a lot better if you had someone to spoon your cares away with? Another body to provide heat can be a valuable asset when pneumonia is a genuine threat – never underestimate the warmth a human blanket can provide.

Showing bae the culinary delights of Selly Oak

Seeing other couples doesn’t make you quite as sick

It’s a necessary evil of university that there are couples everywhere. Sharing a Roosters, walking each other to lectures, copping a feel in the library. Everywhere. However, being in a relationship means that you can perhaps sympathise a tiny bit more with the couple indulging way too much PDA outside your lecture room (though it could just make you hate them even more because you know that getting into a relationship doesn’t mean you immediately transform into a co-dependent attention seeker.) Ultimately, university is a time to try new things and get involved with everything and anything that you can – so why not try a relationship, too?

Date night is a thing, and it’s the best

It could be a Roosters, it could be the Ritz, but either way, date night is real and there’s no better way to take your mind off the millions of deadlines you have looming. Gone are the days of going to fancy restaurants with your mum (because you know she’ll pay), because anyone who’s been single for long enough knows the embarrassment of sitting down at a candlelit dinner for two surrounded by couples when you are decidedly un-coupled. Obviously, student-budget-busting restaurants are a once in a term-time experience, but at the end of a long day of lectures, an intimate box of chicken for two? Count me in.

You have someone looking out for you 24/7

Student towns can be scary, there are no two ways about it, and everyone knows the universal way to avoid fear – get your phone out and pretend to text someone the whole way home so that you don’t have to make eye contact with anyone. The great thing about being in a relationship? You actually have someone to text and, what’s more, they actually care if you get home safe. Managing to avoid scary homeless people and hooded gangs for a solid 10 minutes finally gets the recognition it deserves (albeit in text form).