Clubbers of the Week

You freaks

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You won’t have made it to lectures this week. You won’t have made it to seminars this week. But at least you made it to clubber of the week!

And that’s what counts.

Oldest clubber / most dedicated cheese-man

vod 8

This guy is back for a vengeance…or did he never leave?

Best birthday make-up

stues 1

Ahh the face of realisation when your lipstick-penis-face will not be forgotten

Most unsuccessful wingmen

vod 2

When you’re too tall for your pull and your mates aren’t helping

Keenest keenos

vod 7

They won’t be doing that in their seminar tomorrow

Henchest henchos

vod 4

Did you get those guns at the Munrow?

Most compassionate of the week

stues 5

Stig appreciates the compassion for his desperate thirst in that hot suit. Stig is unamused by the guy not realising water is impenetrable through his helmet.

Most unprepared squad

vod 6

You thought they were good poses at the time, didn’t you?

Most loved up squad

stues 3

The five best friends that anyone could have?

Most flabbergasted duo

stues 2

How are they doing it?!

Hottest for the Bull

vod 9

He’s loving that ear action

Most unrequited love

vod 3

The Bull had his eyes on this guy. This guy is not having it.

Most awkwardly placed clubber

vodbull 1

He’s realised it’s getting awkward…his mates are trying their very best not to look.

Guy having the worst time of the week

stues 6