Student sexually harassed on Hubert Road

It happened on Thursday

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A second year student, who shall remain anonymous, was sexually harassed on Hubert Road on Thursday at approximately 7pm.

She told The Tab: “I was walking down Hubert Road when I heard a male voice, coming from one of the alleyways, and I looked round in horror – as this is like my worst nightmare – and there was a man just stood there staring at me.”


As she continued down the road the man began calling after her “beautiful” and “sexy” and asking her to “come here, sexy”, before beginning to lower his trousers, whilst laughing, asking if she “wanted his dick”.

“I always thought I’d be super sassy in these situations, but I was literally paralysed with fear – I couldn’t speak or move.

“I was literally terrified and my first thought was to look frantically around for anyone passing by; someone who could ‘protect’ me, as I was clearly incapable of doing so myself.”

Luckily, the student saw a couple on the other side of the road and she ran across and asked them to walk with her.

“They were very kind, walking me down the rest of Hubert and after he initially continued following me from the other side of the road, still making sexually provocative comments, he eventually gave up this pursuit.”

The student immediately called the police to file a report of sexual harassment and she has said she “no longer feels safe in Selly.”

“I think I’m going to have to rely on the company of friends from now on.”