Turtle found and rescued in Selly cannabis raid

Could it possibly be Eugene?!

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A turtle has been found and rescued in a Selly Oak drugs raid. 

It was a typical day in Selly Oak, the sky was grey, the birds weren’t singing, and the police were conducting a routine drug bust.

Drug busts have become so regular in Selly that the police have coined the rather catchy hashtag ‘#eatsleepraidrepeat.’

But then things got a little weird – a little out of the ordinary.

The police, it turns out, weren’t just uncovering ‘substantial’ amounts of weed, but also a turtle.

To be fair, a turtle makes the ideal pet in a cannabis factory: the creature is well known for raising the alarm when intruders are near or attacking the police trying to destroy your stash.

Turtles aren’t the most common of household pets though, and there’s been speculation that this could in fact be long lost tortoise Eugene.

There is hope that the police, like most of us, get confused between turtles and tortoises and that they may actually have found one of Selly’s most beloved pets and that this is the final chapter in the #GetEugeneHome saga.

Alternatively, the police have a different, equally viable, explanation.

It’s quite simple really.