Birmingham Uni ranked third best in UK for producing future CEOs

We’re more successful than Oxford and LSE

Birmingham is one of the best universities for producing accomplished CEOs, CTOs and partners in business.

In a recent study conducted by Emolument, 26,000 graduates from a range of universities all over the country were examined.

The data revealed that UoB produces 3.2 per cent of business leaders in the UK.

The only universities that came above Birmingham were London Business School (5 percent) and Cambridge University (3.9 per cent).

Other universities we beat include Leicester (2.6 per cent), Sheffield (2.3 percent) and Brunel University (2.2 percent).

CEO table

The report stated that one of the reasons Birmingham achieved higher than other universities, was due to the fact that Oxford graduates for example, would seek to attain jobs with bigger corporations.

They are less likely to become a CEO because of this.

Go to Birmingham uni if you want to be a CEO

In addition, graduates from universities such as Birmingham are less likely to retrieve places on graduate schemes with bigger banks, meaning they will strive to start their own businesses and therefore, be a CEO.

Co-founder of Emolument, Alice Leguay, said: “It’s a very different world from a few years ago when the most aspirational jobs where finance and consulting at blue chip firms, usually going to top-tier Classics, or History university graduates with little idea of what the business world entailed.

“This new professional world order is an open door for professionals without top academic credentials to show they are just as, if not more effective in the workplace.”