Take Me Out came to UoB and it was amazing

‘If he doesn’t make you swoon, pop your balloon’

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On Wednesday night, the much-loved dating show Take Me Out came to the University of Brum, providing all of the fun, cringey and sometimes raunchy shenanigans of the original show – our version did not disappoint.

Unfortunately, after last year’s show, romance did not blossom for the contestants, so with a new set of brave young men, it was back and better than ever.

Each of the nineteen girls who took part had their own balloon, which they popped if the eligible bachelor did not tickle their fancy.

Alex Liptrot presented last year and was asked back again, saying: “I had such a laugh last time that I just couldn’t refuse”.

Alex entertained with lots of audience interaction and “Lippy Love”, even replacing Paddy’s catchphrase with his own: “If he doesn’t make you swoon, pop your balloon”.

Alex said: “I sincerely hope I lived up to expectations as UoB’s resident Paddy McGuinness!”

We even had our very own ‘love lift’.

First up was Birmingham local, Jason.

Unfortunately there was no romance in the air for Jason, possibly because of his questionable belly roll during his special talent round, which caused quite a stir amongst the girls.

No date for Jason.

Next up was David, from London. His impressive dance moves and top banter sparked a lot of interest and he ended up bagging himself a date with Molly.

The power was in David’s hands- swoooosh.

Anthony from Burton-on-Trent was next. His MTV cribs-style video entertained everyone, and his special talent of doing keepie-uppies with a golf club and ball was unique, and actually quite skilful! He whisked Fiona off for a cheeky Nandos.

Anthony and Fiona looking forward to their date.

The final offering from the ‘love lift’ was Jimmy from Northern Ireland. He was quite the hit with the ladies, possibly having something to do with the amount of wine consumed backstage. Though to be fair, he was fit.

Jimmy and his date, Medi

Official BNOC, Christina Feng, was there to spice up the line-up. She said “I had a great time taking part and spending time with the girls backstage, despite not getting a date in the end. But I would like to say congratulations to those who got dates last night”.


The show ran very smoothly, and was a great laugh for everyone involved.

The Feng wanted to give a “shoutout to Alex Liptrot, Jack Kelly and Fran Heaume for putting the show together as well as to all those who came to support me, I really appreciated it!”

Alex added to this praise: “Jack puts so much time and effort into the whole production, so I just want to do him proud. He’s incredibly supportive.”

The Tab also caught up with Jack Kelly, who organised the show, who said: “I found it really exciting. I’d worked so hard for months prior for one night so I was pleased to watch it be a success.

“I enjoyed seeing Richard Baker have the opportunity to perform to a massive crowd and as always, Alex Liptrot was the star of the show as a brilliant host who never fails to entertain.”

One of the contestants, Liv, encourages people to take part in next year’s UoB Take Me Out: “Just don’t take yourself too seriously”.