Red light district might be set up in Birmingham

Councillor wants prostitutes to stop using their homes for sex work

A councillor wants to set up a red light district in Brum to get sex workers away from family homes.

Majid Mahmood has called on authorities to assess the possibility of a designated sex work area after mounting concerns over more prostitutes taking to residential streets and inviting clients back to their homes.

Britain’s first red light district was established in Leeds back in 2014.

The designated zone allows sex trade workers to ply their trade between the hours of 7pm and 7am without the fear of arrest.

The scheme was hailed a success by city and council chiefs following a 12 month trial and has been rolled out indefinitely.

Photo: Birmingham Mail

Photo: Birmingham Mail

Now Councillor Mahmood wants to see a similar designated area set up in Birmingham, suggesting it could be set up in an industrial estate.

He said: “Prostitution is still occurring and I’m thinking perhaps that the conversation needs to be had that whether we as a city, alongside the approval of the police, may want to look at what’s happening in Leeds.

“If people aren’t aware, there are controlled zones there. I have had many conversations with the superintendent and other officers, if we are successful in moving prostitution away from the Washwood Heath Road, it will just end up on the Coventry Road.

“I think it’s high time, especially in the current financial climate we are in, that the police and city council officers have a conversation to see if this is a way forward in order to tackle the issues that we are facing on a continuous basis in this district and across the city.”