The S’Oak under investigation after alleged anti-semetic row

Brum graduate was told ‘fuck off then, Yid’

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Management at the S’Oak are facing criticism over their handling of an alleged racial abuse incident last Tuesday.

UoB graduate David Gray claims he became the subject of anti-semetic abuse after challenging a local punter over their racist tirade about Muslims.

When he described his own family’s past experience of discrimination as Eastern European Jews, David was allegedly told to “fuck off then, Yid”, and that his family “shouldn’t have fucking come here in the first place”.


Bar staff were initially helpful, apologising and offering free drinks to David and his friend.

But when the complaint was referred to the S’Oak management, they refused to have the customer removed, claiming that it was their word against his and allowing the incident to slide because the man was drunk.

Staff also seemed to be unaware of the offensiveness of the term “yid”, initially believing what happened to be related to football hooliganism.

The man involved was eventually kicked out, but only after David challenged the punter further when his apology apparently included the words: “I don’t know what I’m apologising for – I don’t like the fucking Jews anyway”.

David has told The Tab that he has now complained to the bar chain that owns the S’Oak, Greene King Brewery.

He highlighted how staff told him several times that the man was a regular, leading him to believe that he wasn’t thrown out because they didn’t want to lose his future custom.

David said: “If that was the case, I think it’s pretty disgraceful to put profits ahead of avoiding a racist atmosphere in the pub.

“The member of staff who was sent to talk to us was great, but seemed to have his hands tied by management over what he could actually do.

“My main anger was due to them simply not taking the complaint seriously enough.

“In my view, an incident like that should be grounds for being permanently barred from the pub, but the fact that they weren’t even willing to eject him on the night itself is pretty concerning.”

Greene King Brewery have since investigated the incident and responded: “Both the Area Manager and the House Manager have looked into this and they would like to assure you that we have a robust policy within Greene King towards any racial abuse and that they have treated your complaint seriously.

“Both customers will be barred from the business.

“We would like to apologise for any distress caused and can assure you that we will reinforce our policy to the team.”