Mason v Victoria Halls: Which is the better halls?

The powerhouses battle it out

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So semester two has begun and by now all freshers have established which halls are the fanciest and which are, well, not that great.

On the Vale, Mason and Chamberlain are up there on the deluxe scale – not surprising as they are both en-suite and are more expensive than other halls. Everyone knows people who live in Mason overlook the Vale and the lake like royalty overlooking a moat from their castle. But private halls can easily compete with the posh Vale accommodation.

Victoria Halls’ most recent development promised to offer top quality accommodation for students providing en-suite, self catered rooms. So could it be the new Mason?

We pitted the two halls head to head to find out which one is best.



Luxury en-suite

Luxury en-suite

Both halls offer students their own private en suite bathroom. After all, no one wants to share a toilet or shower, especially with flatmates that basically live like pigs. No one else’s wee on the toilet seat, no bad smells that you don’t know about, generally a cleaner and safer experience in the bathroom.

Victoria 1-1 Mason


Victoria Halls kitchen are ideal for homely cooking

As both halls require students to cook for themselves, it’s important that the kitchen space is decent and liveable. The kitchen in Victoria Halls is new and modern and as a bonus, basic kitchen items such as saucepans and cutlery are provided, saving those student loans from taking an early bashing.

Victoria 2-1 Mason


lounge article

A TV in a student flat- ultimate luxury

The Victoria Halls’ living area is spacious and there is a TV available for students who wish to purchase a TV licence. Furthermore, there is free 100Mb broadband internet in every flat but don’t get too excited as Victoria Halls still use the same pathetic ASK 4 Wireless also used on the vale. I guess students will never get to ‘ask 4’ decent WiFi.

Victoria 3-1 Mason


Overlooking Selly Oak

Overlooking Selly Oak

Unlike the 20 minute walk from Mason to campus, Victoria Halls is only a two minute walk away and is right in the heart of Selly Oak. This means you only have to walk 5 minutes to eat out, to go food shopping or to get to the train station. Convenience at its best and convenience is valued – especially as students.

Victoria 4-1 Mason


The most important thing to think about. The full price to live in Mason for your first year is £6,216.00 but to live in Victoria Halls, you have to pay £5,977.00. That’s around £200 cheaper, in other words: entry into 40 Stuesdays or 14 litres of vodka- top priorities.

Victoria 5-1 Mason

final the tab


To top it off, Mason has built up a slightly dubious reputation. Victoria Halls residents go about living in their pimped out flats without anyone knowing they even existed. So if you want a luxurious halls of residence without the dubious reputation, choose Victoria Halls. But if you’re that person who wants the world to know you enjoy the nicer things in life without wearing your Jack Wills or MAC makeup or even parking your car funded by daddy outside, then choose Mason. Just don’t expect a friendly reception from others. The decision is yours but remember, you’ve been warned.

Victoria 6-1 Mason

A complete thrashing for Victoria Halls. It isn’t the new Mason – because it’s so much better.