Armed muggers wearing ski masks are terrorising students in Selly Oak

There’s been three attacks in the last week

A group of armed men wearing ski masks have reportedly carried out three attacks in Selly Oak in the past week.

The muggings are said to have taken place at night by a group of men reportedly armed with knives and hammers.

Worried students have been warning each other on social media about the spate of attacks.

News of the first attack came via Facebook, as one student posted on the Fab Facebook page on Saturday evening:

bham mug screenshot

The first attack happened on Dawlish Road

The second attack followed shortly after outside of Rooster House on Harrow Road.

This particular incident was reportedly carried out at knife point.

One student warned a friend on WhatsApp: “A guy has been mugged on Hubert Road just outside my friend’s house.

“Two nights ago the same people mugged someone on Dawlish.

“They are wearing ski masks and are around at the moment.

“They are also armed with a knife so please don’t walk around alone.”

Why bother trekking all the way here...

The scene of the second attack

The third attack is believed to have happened last night on Hubert road.

A friend of a student who witnessed the attack told The Tab: “They hit the guy in the face and threatened to stab him and they are also carrying a hammer and a knife.”

Another Brum student advised: “I think people should definitely be on alert coming back from Fab on Saturday nights, walking on the residential roads – that’s when people will split off from their friends and become more vulnerable.”

The police have been contacted for a statement.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact the police by calling 101, or 999 if witnessing an incident and it is safe to do so.