The biggest characters of Brumski

‘There’s always that one girl who goes too hard at the mountain meal and just gets naked’

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It’s notorious for being the loosest week at uni, and it’s finally time for the highly anticipated Brumski Christmas trip to Les Arcs.

As hundreds prepare to leave this afternoon, here’s everyone they’re bound to meet at everything from the mountain meal to the igloo party.

The guy who’ll break his leg on the first day


Before he broke his leg, day one

This is the guy that breaks his leg after the first chairlift up the mountain, stepping onto his skis for the first time. The injured one is usually someone who is very clumsy, someone who people keep an eye out for as they know they’ll walk into trouble at any moment, or maybe a tree after a night out, either way.

The injured one then can’t join in with the rest of the week’s skiing but is no stranger to letting the squad down for a night out – armed and ready with crutches, the injured one soon becomes the legend as people praise them for their perseverance.

The forgetful one

The forgetful one is the person who forgets their toothbrush, their thermals or even their passport because their mummy wasn’t there to pack it for them. Usually found searching under beds for their mislaid ID from the night before, the forgetful one is not one to be seen at 9am chopping up the slopes. Or if they are, they certainly haven’t got everything, let alone anything they need. You are most likely to see the forgetful one begging their mate for a cheeky five euros, claiming they’ve left theirs back at the hotel. Shock.

All the gear, no idea


What are these for again

They turn up on the coach with curled hair, manicured nails, Canada Goose in hand. They spend the whole coach journey informing their pals how excited they are to ski again, and how mummy and daddy took them years ago and you’re SO worried you’ll have forgotten how to do it. Put them on the slopes and it’s like watching a live re-enactment of Bridget Jones. Sure enough they’ll rush to the bathroom to fix their hair, powder their nose and be back out in their fur headbands and sunglasses for apres, glad to be done for another 24 hours.

Social climbers

The social climbers are the ones who pay the hundreds of pounds to go on bar crawls across the mountain. Chairlift up, drinks in bar one, chairlift across, more drinks in bar two. They spend their days absolutely white girl wasted singing Christmas songs with equally as intoxicated foreign old men, and when they realise they actually have to get back down the mountain, they opt for the safer option of the chairlift once again, before power napping and hitting the night hard, yet again.

Freshers with too much fancy dress and only appear at apres


solid 10/10 for effort on getting up guys

The silly fresh can’t handle their drink. Always a 10/10 for effort with fancy dress, the silly fresh is so content with their outfit they forget how much they’ve drank and before they know it they’ve passed out under some table in a rogue European bar. Their silly fresh friends continue to parDy the night away, sure that he/she will make it back into bed the next day, potentially covered in sick. The silly fresh is not usually seen surfacing before midday, but is sure to make an appearance for the beginning of apres, hanging or not.

The speed queens


Just me choppin up the slopeZ x

You know when you’re skiing and some arrogant tosser cuts you up at 100mph, not even apologising or stopping at all? They’re the speed queens, rushing down the mountain from top to bottom as quickly as they can to fit as many runs in as possible. You watch them zoom from the very top to crash landing at the bottom with a not-so-graceful stop (or a fall, because their absolute lack of skill means that stopping normally isn’t a viable option), and laugh at their ignorance while secretly being slightly jealous they managed a whole run in the time you’ve done one turn.