The Tab meets the UoB Rugby Team

They’re animals

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The beginning of week 11 marks the end of the first term for Birmingham students.

As Christmas comes along, many will begin to unwind and relax in preparation for the chaos that January exams and essays will inevitably bring.

For the members of the University rugby team however, this is not the case. Next Friday, the highly anticipated Varsity game between the Medics and UBRFC takes place under the floodlights of the mighty Bournbrook pitch.

Having won the last year’s fixture, the Boys in Red, UBRFC, will be looking for a similar result to finish off the year on a high and claim invaluable bragging rights.

Ready for action

Ready for action

The Tab took the opportunity to sit down with UBRFC First team Captain Jonny Lea and Club Captain Osian Davies to find out a little bit more about the squad: whose moves will wow you in Fab, who to steer clear of after a few double vodkas and who just can’t stay away from the mirror.

Best trainer

Osian: Probably Rich Galloway.

Jonny: Really?!

Osian: Gym-wise yeah, but when it comes to actual training he switches off really quickly.

Worst trainer

Osian: Josh Amadi?

Jonny: Yeah, Josh isn’t very good. His concentration is about 10 seconds.

Osian: Basically our wingers, they seem to just stand on the side and muck about.

The joker of the squad

Both: TJ! [TJ Akinjobi]

Osian: Timmins [James Timmins] as well, along with Will Isaacs. Both of them are good laughs on a night out and always amongst the crowd.

Motion shot

I am the King

Biggest moaner

Osian: Tom King, without a doubt. We call him “Moaning Myrtle” – all he does is moan. Constantly. All the time.

Worst on the dancefloor

Osian: I’ll probably put my hand up for this one.

Jonny: Same.

Osian: I give it a go… We’re just not very good are we?

Jonny: Nah.

Blue steel, biceps bulging, jaws clenched. Something suggests they've done this before.

Blue steel, biceps bulging, jaws clenched – we think they’ve done this before

Worst dress sense

Both: Cranton? [Jordan Cranton]

Jonny: Yeah, by a long way!

Osian: After a game when we’re in our club smarts he will turn up in like, dark jeans.

Jonny: Random shirt.

Osian: Shit belt.

Jonny: Forgets his tie, bad shoes.

Osian: Oh yeah, the shoes!

Most vain

Jonny: I’d say Josh.

Osian: Rich maybe? Definitely our wingers are the most vain.

Jonny: Craig Bonnar as well.

Osian: If there’s a mirror, they’ll definitely crack out the gel and stare into the mirror rather than actually getting ready to go home.


Craig might be disappointed I didn’t manage to get a clear shot of his barnet


Osian: You know who I’m going to say!

Jonny: Yeah, you can answer this one mate.

Osian: Probably Cranton… he’s had a few scuffles.

Jonny: Nasty Welshman.

Worst music taste

Jonny: Rich?

Osian: I actually like Rich’s stuff! Will Lockhart-Smith I’d say. He’s into pop music – nothing wrong with that, it’s just less than ideal for getting pumped up before a game.

Shittest banter

Osian: Riven? [Riven Earle]. He always just seems to pick the wrong moment to say things. In the middle of training he’ll say something completely random.

Jonny: And everyone will stop and look at him.

Osian: As if to say, “What are you on about?”

I actually caught it...

I actually caught it

Most likely to be arrested

Both: Cranton.

Osian: He’s from Newport, so pretty much sums it up really.

Most favoured person to be stuck with on a desert island

Osian: I think I’d have to go with you mate! (Jonny, not myself unfortunately). I know that’s a bit of bromance but yeah, it’d have to be you.

Least favoured person to be stuck with on a desert island

Osian: Harry Higgs probably, because he’d eat all the food. I probably wouldn’t like to be stuck with Rich for too long either.

Jonny: Tom King as well, he’d just spend the whole time moaning.

So there you have it, an in-depth look at the squad from the men who know them best. The jubilant atmosphere within the squad when I met up with them suggests a quiet confidence heading into the Varsity clash.

Make sure you catch the final game of the year on the Bournbrook at 6pm on Friday. With a bar, a BBQ and the chance to get the last few remaining Fab tickets, it’s sure to be packed to the rafters.

One thing is for certain: whoever loses will have a really, really shit Fab.