Gatecrasher refused to pay third year employee over £100

He had to take civil action to get his money

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An English student was forced to wait over four months to be paid by former employers Gatecrasher.

The third year used to distribute leaflets for the Broad Street club – which has since been closed – while he was in first year.

Broke from spending money he was expecting to come in, Joe Coleman was eventually owed over £100.

He was forced to take civil action and after four months, the company eventually paid him.


Ain’t got no money in the bank

He told The Tab: “I worked as a leaflet distributer for Gatecrasher in my first year of uni. It was a chance to earn some easy money and get free entry to the club on a Friday.

“I’d work shifts on the Vale or on Broad Street from about 9pm to 1am, promoting Gatecrasher and convincing people to go to the club.”

Joe said the job couldn’t have been easier, until the money wasn’t coming in.

He added: “I was continuously promised I would be paid and I made the naive mistake of spending money I didn’t have in my account yet, thinking it would come in soon.

“This built up over months in my first year and I was owed over £100.”

Gatecrasher continued to give Joe a number of excuses to justify the late payment.

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Gatecrasher remains closed

“I continuously rang management, and they told me the finances were handled by a separate company in Sheffield.

“It turns out they’d opened a venue in Ibiza even though they hadn’t paid their staff at their UK clubs. They put millions into the project in Spain and it fell through.”

Luckily Joe’s dad is a solicitor and helped him with the legal side of things.

Joe said: “We threatened legal action but there was no response, so we were forced to take civil action and issue a suit against them.

“Gatecrasher had a legal obligation to pay its staff for withholding wages.”


Joe waited four months to be paid

Finally, after four months, Joe received his money.

The Londoner added: “The management at the club stopped replying and it was left to the poor woman at the company in Sheffield who was just an accountant and didn’t know the full extent of the situation.

“The club didn’t seem to care about the legal ramifications. After four months I eventually got my payment from Gatecrasher.”

The Tab contacted Gatecrasher but they are yet to provide a comment.