What would you buy if you won the lottery?

‘I’d buy the whole of Aldi’

aldi love money selly selly oak spend the tab birmingham the tab brum

If you’re playing EuroMillions, £100 million is an awful lot of money.

Jamal Rahman, first year, Computer Science



Nizany Luxmykanthan, first year, Law with Criminology

DSCF0469 copy 2

“I’d buy the whole of Aldi.”

Sam White, first year, Computer Science


“I’d buy out Aldi… not just the store in Selly, the entire chain.”

James Redfearn, third year, Geography


“Best quality Brooky’s meal… and maybe a new bed.”

Sabah Kayani, second year, Law

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“I’d rent a permanent space in the learning centre and pay them to build showers and extend hours. I’d pay uni for a place on a Masters course and probably open a Nando’s in Selly. And also, actually, I’d drop out of uni, buy my parents a house in Selly, maybe a Whole Foods too.”

Jack Denham, 3rd year, Political Science

DSCF0467 copy

“I’d buy Brookey’s and probably drink what I actually want at the Pear, like an actual beer for once.”