Rainbow is the best night out in Brum

Never Fab or Stuesdays

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Forget Fab and Stuesdays, any night at Rainbow is the exact event we should be crying out for.

Having lived in the city for the past three years, I can honestly say I feel like I’ve seen all that the Birmingham nightlife has to offer me. When you’re young and naive, there doesn’t tend to be a night you won’t say no to.

For me though, none of the generic top 40 churning clubs have a patch on The Rainbow Arena.

While most clubbers may have spent their last Friday night lost in the labyrinth that is Gatecrasher, or practising their air guitar at Propaganda, I was fortunate enough to be across the city in nearby Digbeth where Annie Mac was performing at Rainbow.

Photos Courtesy of ANP - https://www.facebook.com/AlexNunneyPhotography

The venue is massive (Photo courtesy of Alex Nunney Photography)

Firstly, the mere size of the venue took my breath away – you don’t get this sort of setting anywhere else in Brum. It’s literally just bigger than everywhere else, which creates an amazing atmosphere.

The only downside is the substantial queue to get in. By substantial, I mean it’s absolutely fucking massive. If you’re visiting the arena, you can guarantee that there will be thousands upon thousands of people yearning to get in.

For that reason, I recommend either jumping in with someone you know early doors or by pretending to know someone. To do this safely, simply locate the nicest looking individual you can find. Next, be willing to show more front than Buckingham Palace and make them feel so guilty that they can’t remember who you are. It’s better than waiting in the cold.

But forget the queue, because as soon as you’re inside it’s definitely worth it. Looming out of the distance like a huge circus tent, the cacophony of sound emanating from the venue sent reverberations throughout the crowd. The pulsing rhythm becomes louder and louder the further you walk inside. It’s at this point you know you’re in for a good night.

Me and my mates having a gr8 time

Me and my mates having a gr8 time

Rainbow is the best because it attracts all kinds of people. When I went, it was the sort of crowd that one would expect from a house night. Snapbacks were turned in a wide variety of directions, with Nike and Adidas emblazoned across various different questionable garments.

Perhaps the most stark contrast to your bang average night was the fact that there was literally no trouble whatsoever either. Despite the high security presence on and around the site, everyone seemed to be getting on with one another and not worrying about spilled VKs for a change.

For anyone wanting a VK actually, just don’t bother in Rainbow – they have much better options to offer you. Personally, I’m not a fan of them anyway. They’re sticky if you spill them and they give me really bad memories of being 16 and thinking I was hard. The fact that my sister, who is actually 16, wouldn’t be seen dead with one is enough to put me off.

For those of the same disposition, why not enjoy a chilled bottle of lager or a far more sensible vodka and coke? Let’s be honest, you’ll appear far more sophisticated and you may actually get more than just a bit tipsy.

Rainbow, unlike any other, attracts the biggest names – such as Annie Mac. With her distinctive curly locks and headphones combination, Annie set about enhancing her already stellar reputation to her adoring fans – thanks again for that, Rainbow.

Photos Courtesy of ANP - https://www.facebook.com/AlexNunneyPhotography

It’s safe to say it went off (Photo courtesy of Alex Nunney Photography)

Such is the diversity of the crowd that Rainbow attracts, the switch between house to grime was met rather gladly – despite the contrast in music styles. Basically, they play music for everyone.

Prices of drinks are also very acceptable for the scale of event you’re attending. It’s about as cheap as a night out in any other Broad Street club.

I must admit, I’ve spent the whole weekend telling anyone who will listen how good this night was and I still don’t think I’ve managed to do it quite enough justice. No other location could hold a night like that, on that sort of scale.

For those that need a big night out in the next couple of months, or are looking for something to look forward to post-Christmas, I highly recommend you have a look at what events are happening at Rainbow.

It’s clearly the best night out in Brum.