Are we too mean to BCU?

You know what they say about BCU – they’re the grades you need to get in

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Guys, it’s time we addressed something really important. Something all of us, myself included, would rather not admit. Something which is tarnishing the reputation of our beloved University.

I’m talking about the onslaught of needless ruthlessness aimed at our own peers. It’s time we faced the truth: we’re far too mean to BCU.

Let's face it, we do have the better campus

Let’s face it, we do have the better campus though

You only need to look at Yik Yak once to add enough BCU jokes to your personal “I-go-to-a-redbrick” repertoire.

Let’s back up about 20 odd years to when Polytechnics became Universities with the ability to award degrees in 1992. Most of us were either not born or still in nappies, taking baby steps. Considering the fact that UoB predates BCU by almost 100 years, can we not afford BCU its baby steps too? They’re still learning.

I mean, we were churning out loads of literal crap when we were babies – why can’t we let BCU churn out utter crap too, for now at least?

And let’s face it, even though Oxford predate us by like 900 years we still don’t like it when they give us shit. Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”, so let’s break the cycle.

And you know we all hate to admit it, but BCU offer some pretty cool courses as well as ones that – yes, I’m actually gonna say it – get them a job. You can do degrees and get experience in PR or TV and Radio – highly competitive fields that we’re all desperately scrambling to try and get unpaid experience in.

The smug bastards at BCU got experience as part of their course, and it was probably piss easy too.

Why do they get so much hate?

Why do they get so much hate?

Come on, be realistic. What the hell are you going to do with your degree in Philosophy, or even the super worthwhile Golf Management.

It’s a harsh truth that BCU offers degrees that scream “skills in an industry”, whereas all we know is how to read dusty old books and act like snobs.

Maybe we should cut BCU some slack for once.