What did you want to be when you were little?

‘A lion. Simba actually’

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As young, innocent children, everyone has big fantasies about what job they’re going to have. Hopefully some of these have changed now…

Ellie, English Lit and History

“First I wanted to be a lion, Simba actually. Then I decided I wanted to be a Disney Princess.”

Taran, Social Policy

“A dentist.”

Noah, Civil Engineering

“A cowboy.”

Harnish (left) and Alice (right), Accountancy 

Harnish: “A singer.”

Alice: “A business-woman.”

Shannon, Law

“A journalist, because I watched Sex and the City with my mum.”

Will, Economics (left) and Wesley, Banking and Finance (right)

Will: “An architect, which is a bit random for a small child.”

Wesley: “President.”