Dawlish Road is the best road in Selly

It’s simply Daw-lightful

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Everyone who lives in Selly wants to live on Dawlish. You just can’t top it.

Slap bang in the middle of Selly, everything is at your fingertips on Dawlish. Campus is a 15 minute walk max even if you live at the top, The Goose is on your doorstep, the station is five minutes away and you’re in no more than a 10 minute radius of all of your friends. What more could you need?

A reliable takeaway? Well, while Kebab Land is no Roosters, it’s still not bad. It doesn’t attract the vast amounts of rowdy customers Roosters does on the way home from Fab, so you can enjoy your kebab in relative peace. Plus the new Dominoes falls under Dawlish territory, so top that.

Quick pint anyone?

People justify living on the most far-flung remote roads like Heeley because you can get a flasher pad and it’s “cheaper”. But let’s be honest, all of the pimping houses are still costing way more than any student should be happy to pay. Besides, haven’t you realised if you’re not slumming it you’re doing it wrong?

Living in the comparative squalor of Dawlish is actually proven to improve your performance at uni too. Students who have to dodge piles of vomit, overflowing skips, and discarded chicken bones on a daily basis are reminded every morning, afternoon and night they better work hard so they can afford to live somewhere less grimy as soon as possible. And if there’s anything that makes you appreciate your twee hometown, it’s probably a dodge-the-chunder routine, not your £95/week condo.

‘Character building’

It has the perfect ratio of locals to students. There are enough locals there’s the perfect number of cats to brighten your day on the way home, but not enough that they dampen the vibe and call the police with noise complaints, or wake you up every morning with the school run like they do on Tiverton. Just what you need at 8am after a night on Broad Street.

Dawlish has had a bit of a bad rep in the past for higher crime. But it’s safer by the day, with Alton taking one for the team and drawing all the criminals that way instead. So if you want to keep your tortoise safe, Dawlish is the road for you.

More like Dawlish RAD

Hills? What hills?

Has anyone noticed how walking up most of the roads in Selly is like scaling a mountain? If you can walk up Hubert without breaking a sweat on the double hill, you’re clearly a machine. But not Dawlish. On Dawlish you can get as far as Exeter Road before you even notice there’s an incline. No one needs a hike after a long day on campus, so why would you choose to live on Dawlish’s alpine neighbouring roads?

There’s simply no competition.  If you want the best from Selly rent a house on Dawlish, or you’re missing out.