Tennis Court freshers shell-shocked after Mason egging

The Vale are not happy

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The rivalry between Tennis Courts and Mason dramatically heated up on Monday night, when Mason egged a TC block after the Made in Mason event.

Fierce shots were fired and Tennis Court residents were left walking on egg shells all night.

The warfare was relentless, reportedly lasting for several hours.

A Tennis Courts resident told The Tab: “One of my flatmate’s course friends from Mason was involved.

“He egged the flat next to us at about 10pm and then ours at around 3am.”

Tennis court

Tennis Courts were the victims of the attack

First year French and Geography student Erin added: “Around 12 blocks were attacked.”

Tennis Courts may appear to be the victims, but it seems the attack was somewhat provoked.

Emily, a resident of Mason, told The Tab: “Mason has been egged a few times by Tennis Courts this year, so this is probably why.”

The Vale are taking the incident very seriously, threatening disciplinary action to anyone involved.

Farewell, beloved first year digs

Farewell, beloved first year digs

An email sent to all residents said: “Please be assured we will not tolerate behaviour of this nature, and any residents found to be conducting themselves in this manner will immediately be served with a Notice to Quit their accommodation.

“We are asking those members involved come forward before we start to identify residents from our CCTV.”