Heels make your legs look longer but you won’t catch me dead in them

Does anyone actually enjoy wearing them?

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I absolutely detest high heels. They make you look attractive and your legs look really good, but they are simply not worth the agony and pain of wearing them.

Despite the fact I would happily label myself as a girly girl who loves all things make up and dressing up (when I can be bothered), I have never understood the appeal of high heels. I wore them for a number of years and they made my legs look longer and my outfits look more elegant, but the crippling pain that ensued from crushing my feet into a pair was just too much to handle.

Since starting uni a year ago, I no longer own a single pair and I’ve never looked back. I urge you to do the same.

If you are one of those people who can happily walk, dance or even run in high heels and genuinely do enjoy wearing them and feeling like a diva, then of course keep doing what you’re doing and more power to you. But if you are continuing to crush your feet into the most uncomfortable and unforgiving type of footwear known to human kind for no other reason apart from not wanting to be the odd one out rocking flats, there is another way. Ditch the conformity and to cross over to the dark side by striking a no–heels stance.


Flats can be fun too

Once you’ve been out without heels, it’s so hard to ever imagine putting your poor tootsies through torture ever again. The first time I ever went out to a club without heels was a total revelation. I could dance all night to my favourite tunes, get as merry as I liked with no fear of tripping and falling and no blisters the next day. What’s not to love?

Luckily uni is more or less a heel free zone. No one judges you for rocking up to Fab or Stuesdays in your trusty Nikes or Chelsea boots. You’d be more likely to be judged if you were seen teetering around like Bambi on ice in your six-inch platforms after a few snakebites.

I promise I don't just wear socks on nights out

I promise I don’t just wear socks on nights out

17 year old me faceplanted the ground that night..

17-year-old me wore those ridiculous shoes out and faceplanted the ground that night

Fancy balls can be tricky if you are a heel hater. Many of my mates relish them as a chance to dress up and look nice, while I spend the lead up to the big event wondering if I could get away with pairing my posh dress with flat boots or some nice ballet pumps.

I’m still haunted by my leaver’s ball at the end of sixth form, where my beautiful heels were thrown off almost immediately and I later stubbornly walked around the city centre holding them in my hands. The heels were no doubt beautiful, but they weren’t worth the money I had paid only to be flung off after the first 10 minutes, and so I sold them on to a new owner who would give them the attention and love they deserved.

I will forever more be dodging heels in favour of my trusty flats to ensure I have an amazing and pain-free night. My flats may lead to a few funny looks, but I’m sure I’ll be the last one on the dance floor while you’re all hobbling home.