Second year needed stitches after being mugged on his doorstep

It happened on Alton Road

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A Geography student was taken to A&E after he was mugged outside his home last night.

Second year Dan Hooker was walking home when he was attacked by two men on Alton Road at 7.30pm.

He was approached from behind and pushed to the ground as the muggers took off with his phone.

He called Selly Oak Police, who advised him to go to hospital to have stitches in his lip.

Dan Hooker, the victim of the horrible attack

Dan Hooker, the victim of the horrible attack

Dan told The Tab: “Getting mugged 50 metres from my front door is sad and disappointing, especially as there is an insufficient level of CCTV in the area.

“The University needs to warn us more about the dangers of the criminal activity in Selly Oak. ”

Selly Oak Police are currently trying their best to track down the stolen phone.

Alex Sharp and Zoe Latuszka, friends of Dan, spoke to The Tab about their concern with this incident happening in Selly.

They said: “We are both so shocked about the whole situation and just wanted to make sure Dan was okay.”

This place is more dangerous at night time

This place is becoming dangerous

This is the fourth serious incident that has happened in Selly Oak in a week. Just two days ago The Tab broke the story that a house on Coronation Road had been burgled.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact Selly Oak Police immediately.