Burglars steal TV from Coronation Road after back door was left unlocked

It’s the third burglary in three weeks in Selly

burglar burglary police selly oak television

Another house was burgled yesterday in Selly, as the thieves managed to steal a TV.

They broke into the house on Coronation Road between 2:30am and 8am, making it the third burglary in three weeks.

When the occupants first woke up, they found their television had been stolen and the back door was left unlocked overnight.

No more TV

What will we watch now?

The students immediately rang the police, and hope the TV can be recovered now that a forensics team have examined the house.

Second year Lauren Davis, who lives there, told the Tab: “We were really shocked someone came into our house while we were sleeping.

“We are just so glad they didn’t come upstairs.”

The back door was unlocked

The back door was unlocked

Selly Oak police have since tweeted about the incident, reminding us to secure windows and doors at all times, otherwise burglaries like this will continue to happen.

If you have any information regarding the incident, please contact Selly Oak police immediately.