Gatecrasher closed AGAIN after bouncers accused of attacking clubbers with makeshift weapons

Someone was also stabbed in the leg

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Broad Street hotspot Gatecrasher has been shut down for the second time after a stabbing.

A violent fight broke out at the Get It On event last Saturday which resulted in a man being stabbed in the leg.

On the same night, bouncers are also accused of using makeshift weapons in a fight with customers.

The club has now had their licence suspended until a hearing later this month, according to the Birmingham Mail.

The latest stabbing happened during Gatecrasher’s Get It On night on Halloween, when there was a violent fight between a group of customers and door supervisors.


There will be a hearing later this month

Caught on CCTV, the licensing chiefs said the incident was “most disturbing”.

They said: “The supervisors were each carrying a fire extinguisher, a plastic tub containing chemicals and a tray of glasses that were thrown at the men.”

A knife was also discovered in the same area as the fight and was handed to the police.

The violence restarted when the same group went back to the club’s front doors after being kicked out and they clashed with security staff and other members of the public.

West Midlands Police Superintendent Andrew Beard said: “The men began to punch out at people, just normal members of the public who had come out of the premises.

“The CCTV shows a male standing by the front doors, he is in no way involved, but one of the group throws two punches, and knocks him out as he falls straight to the floor and just lies there.

“They then continue to punch and attack random people.”

Licensing chiefs added: “The causes of the serious disorder originated from the actions of the door men, who behaved irresponsibly and aggressively towards a group of agitated men who had initially been ejected from the premises, and the inability of the club management to deal with the number of incidents that arose inside and outside the premises in a responsible manner at all.

“There was clearly a disregard for public safety and a lack of responsibility shown to control the conflict by the premises and their door supervisors.”

Ciara, a third year studying English, said: “My gut feeling is you’ll only be unsafe if you’re causing trouble, but I guess you don’t know who else is in the club.

“What’s more worrying are the allegations that security staff reacted to the trouble by creating make-shift weapons.

“These guys are employed to handle situations professionally, but if that’s how professional security staff act, it’s no wonder the people inside the club cause trouble too. The whole thing is a mess, and I probably won’t be going back for a while.”

Gatecrasher has already received a serious warning from the West Midlands Police after a bouncer attacked a customer in August.