Eugene the tortoise’s neighbours were burgled on Alton Road

They stole amps, four laptops, a watch and two Werther’s Originals

Alton Road burglars struck again in the early hours on Halloween night.

Selly Oak grieved last week for the loss of Eugene the tortoise, who was taken from his under his heat lamp on Alton Road.

Now, the next door neighbours have also been broken into.

The thieves stole an amp, four laptops, a bass guitar, two watches, a projector, two synthesisers, a bag full of work and two Werther’s Originals.

halloween pres

The four lads had high hopes for stress free spooktastic night out. We spoke to Adam, one of the victims of the break in.

“It happened on Halloween, so maybe it was just a really harsh trick or treat”.

We all went to Itchy Feet apart from one housemate who just went to watch a film with a pal. It happened sometime between 10pm and 2am.

“An amp, four laptops, a bass guitar, my Granddad’s watch, another watch, a projector, two synthesisers, a bag full of work and two Werther’s Originals were taken.”

The boys realised that their stuff has been nicked when they came home and realised their amp was missing.


The scene of the crime

“Like the previous break in, it was a clean job: “I don’t think it was a forced entry, but we don’t really know how they got in. We didn’t notice signs of forced entry.”

Adam praised the Selly Oak police for their response to the scene.

“As soon as we got in and noticed things were missing, we called them. They were brilliant, They came round right away and even got forensics involved.

“When asked if he thought the same burglar had returned for round two, Adam said: “I couldn’t say. Possibly. That’s pretty sad though, losing a tortoise.”