Snazzy new Aston Student Hub has been opened

What do you think of it?

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The brand new Hub has been opened, housing the Careers Network and Student Services.

The centre, at the back of the Aston Webb building, was completed over summer and is designed to end lengthy queues for ID cards.

Third year English student Emily, who had an internship with the Hub over the summer, told The Tab: “The new Student Hub simplifies the way we access support at uni and brings key services to the centre of campus.

“The new call-up system puts an end to long queues for things like ID cards and bank letters.”

It’s literally brand new

The high ceilings give the centre a very modern atmosphere, but some thought the new design gave it an impersonal feel.

A third year – who wished to remain anonymous – said: “It wasn’t how I expected it to be.

“There should be more obvious sections saying here is Careers Network, here is the well-being part of it but it was more like one big reception.”

We are loving it

Such great support for us all

As well as a reception and private consultation rooms, the Student Hub also plays host to a variety of learning spaces and a lecture theatre – but not everyone is clear on the change.

A group of third year Geography students said: “We weren’t really sure what the Hub was. It should really be publicised more around campus.”