How hard really is GymTramp? We sent Christina Feng to find out

‘Naturally I was nervous’

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Gymnastics and trampolining aren’t necessarily the club you’re itching to join when you start at Birmingham.

With a whole host of sports on offer, you tend to either presume you need to be incredibly talented to throw yourself into the air and contort yourself into weird shapes, or they’re so basic they barely qualify as a sport. But what is it really like to train with GymTramp?

Trampolining with BNOC 2015 Christina Feng

A selfie with Jess, trampolining coach and committee member

“Immediately upon entering the session it was striking how popular it was, with 30 or so people attending the taster opening events, sharing three trampolines. Having not done any trampolining for about six years, naturally I was nervous. Fortunately, my fears were dispelled by the coaches’ supportive and friendly demeanour, and their willingness to help me with anything, whether it be directly related to trampolining or taking photographs.

“The trampolining session began with basic single star jumps and straight jumps, before then progressing onto moves such as tuck jumps and the straddle jumps. Although I was terrified of falling over and embarrassing myself, no-one seemed to mind.  We were all beginners after all.”

Attempt at doing a tuck jump

My attempt at a tuck jump

“I found the trampolining taster sessions very enjoyable. Not only did I manage to pick up the basics of trampolining, but also had a lot of fun meeting new people. If you want to try out a sport which is fun and laid back, then trampolining is definitely the one for you.”

Gymnastics with Elizabeth Highfield

“Having had a passion for gymnastics during my primary school days, I was excited to find out what the University of Birmingham had to offer. The vibe was enthusiastic with everyone encouraging each other.  The taster session allowed us to try a wide variety of gymnastic disciplines from beam, floor and vault work, to the more advanced parallel and asymmetrical bars.”

Action shot!

Action shot

Easy does it

“Along with sore arms and bruises (proof of the hard work), I finished the session with a real sense of accomplishment, even if I was a bit clumsy at times. This is a great sport which has so much to offer. It is so diverse and uses all the muscles in your body so you can keep fit and healthy while having fun and making new friends.”

Our overall verdict

Gymnastics and trampolining provides you with the opportunity to get fit and learn something new in a sociable, encouraging environment. It’s harder than it looks, but the sense of accomplishment makes the challenge worth a try.

Further details about GymTramp can be found on their website, Facebook and Twitter.