Yakinori – the verdict

Selly’s new noodle and sushi joint

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On a grey Saturday evening, The Tab braved the October chill and trotted down to Selly’s much talked about new “Yakinori” restaurant, nestled at the top of Bristol Road.

Selling itself as “superlative Japanese food”, our eyebrows were instantly raised at the rather pricey menu- a Katsu curry will set you back nearly £10 – waiting patiently for our seats, we were all the more eager to sup Yakinori’s expensive delights.
After boasting to the waiter that this was for a Tab review, and in the presumed hope of a glowing appraisal, we were immediately showered with a complimentary bribe of dumplings.

 Although we disapproved (ahem) of this underhand tactic, we ate them with relish.

You’re all that and Dim Sum…

Opiated by the dumpling shaped sedatives and after knocking back four glasses of tap water (free), we continued our feast.

Chowing down on meals including vegetable and chicken katsus and salmon noodles, we were impressed.

Huge portions justified the pricing and whilst the vegetarian options were good, the chicken was exceptional.

The sticky rice was plentiful, and the service was incredibly speedy considering the sheer amount of ravenous noodle hunting customers in the place.

We'll KATSU the chase

Just KATSU the chase…

Yakinori’s atmosphere was also cracking. Not a free seat in the house, the queue stretched outside the building, where wide eyes and open mouths pressed against the glass watching as we tucked into our grub.

They’d have to wait their turn.


After paying up, we left the cheerful, vibrant atmosphere of Yakinori and stumbled out into the unforgiving night, dazed grins plastered across our greedy little faces.

All about dat rice.

All about dat rice

Yakinori is a sister company to the Birmingham born Japanese restaurant, Woktastic, and includes “Express” takeaway boxes, starting from just £3.99.

A great addition to Bristol Road which is otherwise just a highway of chicken and pizza, Yakinori is a welcome change.  The Tab recommends.