What is the best pub in Selly?

The definitive guide to Selly drinking spots

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Selly’s pubs are a big part of our life, providing drinks, cocktails, food, sports coverage and quiz nights – and personally, being a third year, I often choose a drink at the pub over clubbing! There I said it.

So which one is the best? The Tab have taken a look at the best pubs that Selly has to offer…

Beer all the way

Beer all the way

The Goose:

This is definitely the best for those who want a traditional, cosy pub atmosphere. They serve real ales (as do the Pear, but not the Soak) and have a great beer garden, making them a popular destination in summer – or any day the temperature gets over 10 degrees. Their cookie pizza sharing dessert is amazing- and yes, it is acceptable to have it more than once a week.

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The Soak:

A firm favourite thanks to its quiz, open mic nights and, of course, the ever-popular foosball and pool tables – if you can manage to get a turn. After its make-over during the summer, the Soak is looking better than ever- even sporting its own name in lights. Very glamourous! However, the Soak’s size in comparison to its popularity means it’s usually hard to find a seat, especially at the weekend. The food is pretty good value for money- most main meals are under a fiver!

Soakin' it up

Soakin’ it up

What pub offers the best cocktail?

It’s either the Pear or the Goose. Both have a good range of classics and new additions – my personal fave is the Pear’s Cherry Bakewell. The Soak needs to up their game on the cocktail front. Third year Sports and Exercise Science student Rachel said:

“When I went for cocktails, they weren’t made very well- my mojito turned into the forfeit drink for our drinking game, it was that bad”.

Reactions to the all new Bristol Pear:

This pub has a sense of quality.

The re-vamp of the Bristol Pear seems to have gone down really well with students of Selly. Third year English student Emily said:

“It’s nice to have somewhere that takes pub grub seriously- I wouldn’t even be ashamed to take my mum there!”

Both the décor and menu have been drastically improved- third year Geography student Hayin said the Pear was: “more Shoreditch than Selly Oak”.

And don’t even get us started on the sweet potato fries- that’s a reason to go to the Pear in itself. Best Selly pub food award goes to the Pear, hand’s down.

Love the Pear

Love the Pear

To conclude:

I’m not sure if Urban Village strictly counts as a pub- it has more of a bar/club vibe- but it’s a great place to go for drinks, and possibly a dance after a few too many Kopparbergs.

Village Ting

Village Ting

So that completes The Tab’s round-up of the best pubs in Selly. If we had to pick a favourite, we would go with the Bristol Pear as it combines fun décor with a good selection of drinks and very tasty food! But for a traditional pub ambiance, you can’t beat the good old Goose.

We all love the pub

We all love the pub