VOTE NOW: Who does the best drunk food in Selly?

Always the best part of the night

After reading the article on hygiene ratings in Selly’s most-loved eating spots we’re all a bit sceptical. However, do we really consider that a factor when getting food after a night out at Snobs?

The Tab get down and dirty and educate you on where you want to pick up your after drunken night out comfort food. Once you’ve read our thoughts vote for your favourite.


Squad take on Roosters – Selly’s most hyped up chicken shop

What is the hype about Roosters?? The chips aren’t salty enough and the chicken has no flavouring. Second year, Natalie Hatton describes the chicken at roosters as “day old KFC”, sure it’s cheap and caters for those who love Turkish and Chinese food, we’ll give them that, but there is so much more out there. Roosters is, (sorry not sorry) overrated.


Unimpressed from the start…

Don’t go here for the chicken. Ironically enough do some pretty “delicious” pizzas… Only risk getting the chicken mayonnaise burger if you like your burger tasting of mayo rather than chicken. We recommend the margherita pizza, as you can’t go wrong with a classic.

Second year Natalie Hatton waiting patiently for pizza
Pretty decent size if you ask us.



Free WiFi too??!

Located opposite Roosters here you’ll find amongst the selection of chicken a wide variety of pizzas too – suitable for vegetarians. Second year, Jasmine Pandey was a huge fan of the crunchy crust and “perfect” balance between the tomato sauce and cheese.

Jasmine’s more than excited to try that pizza as Natalie examines it. 
Natalie having an epiphany 

Mamma Mia

Here we recommend the fries and mozzarella sticks, unless you don’t like cheese, then stick to fries they’re decent, cheap and give you loads too.


Pizza Land


Look at all that choice on the menu!

We decided to not try the pizza here but have the chicken strips and fries instead. It’s cheaper than roosters and 100x better because you can really taste the “Umami” (how’s that for food critic vocabulary?).


 What’s your take on the chicken shops in Selly? Which is your favourite?

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