Six parties, one club: We tried Broad Street’s newest venue

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We decided to shun Fab for the weekend and venture to new grounds by visiting 6, Broad Street’s shiny new club.

Formerly the once beloved Risa (well, before the stabbing, Ebola night and EDL march), 6 describes itself as perfect for catering to everyone’s music taste. They had definitely captured our attention.

One tactical chunder and copious rounds of ‘Most Likely’ later, we headed off to see exactly what 6 was all about. Upon arrival it was clear that the club had undergone a pretty impressive facelift – long gone are the days of the loitering smell of sick, sweat and sticky bar tops. 6 is fun and exciting, with six very distinctive rooms to explore and get lost in.

Old Turn Junction

The downstairs is compromised of a huge area christened “Old Turn Junction”. This houses a vast seating area, from VIP booths to plastic tables and chairs (very convenient for heel breaks/grabbing a pitcher/abandoning your friend who’s too drunk). The dancefloor is situated at the back with the DJ playing this week’s most popular music, from the Weekend to Drake.

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 Cabana Bar

This is the smallest room, with comfy chairs surrounding a straw bar in the centre and a cool Hawaiian theme. Head here for a more relaxed vibe and a quieter space for 2AM drunken DMC’s. 


As someone who would quite happily spend the majority of the night at Risa drunkenly shouting along to S-Club 7 in the cheese room, “Delicious” has a similar ambience to it. Embark through a colourful looking tunnel to find a rainbow-tiled dance floor, neon flashy lights and swirly walls. If fun was a room this’d be it. As long as it’s cheesy, expect to hear anything from Madonna to Mark Ronson.

wurk it x


Taking the place of the former VIP section is DownLoad; which offers up a more alternative, rock atmosphere. Propoganda and Uprawr goers will feel right at home here, even though Risa’s weird sunken floor seats are no more.

Club Room

Although this was guarded by a surly looking bouncer and a bin for the entirety of the night, the Club Room plays dance and party anthems. It was kind of disappointing that they had closed essentially the main room, however everyone seemed to gravitate downstairs to Old Turn Junction – so it wasn’t too much of a let down.

State of the art sound systems

Suds n Duds

This is 6’s elusive, secret room. Several failed attempts were made to find this throughout the night, however the many jaeger bombs beforehand probably didn’t help.

where r u??!?!?!?!?!?!

Overall verdict

6 on Broad Street made for an extremely fun night and their £1 million refurb has definitely not gone to waste. Although we visited on a Friday, Vodbull hosts a student night here on Monday – definitely worth attending Tuesday 9AMs with a hangover. So, if you fancy swapping the likes of Snobs, Fab or Selly for something new, this is the place to go.

Rest in Peace Risa, 6 is here to stay.