The refined art of a night in Propaganda

Read this and then get loose

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Many people question how to fit in at a certain club with the mass crowds – so we sent James Hill on a wild night out at Propaganda, to explore how you can enjoy your night when visiting this club.

To many of us, Propaganda is a polarising force. It is similar to Fab in that it divides opinion like Marmite, but this guide should help you learn the ropes and political alliances quicker than a pig at a Tory dinner.

Upon entering the club, you must give yourself over to the indie vibe – Propaganda tends to shy away from the Taylor Swift heavy playlists of Fab or Stuesday’s.

One bouncer upon asking said: “It’s the only place where you can hear Heavy Metal to Pop goes to Punk in quick succession.”

jack kelly

Milk was a bad choice…

How to survive:

Propaganda is one of the only clubs where you’re not the only one dying to hear the strains of I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor.

With two floors of music and three rooms, which offer RnB, House and everything in between, you must not lose your head in a flurry of Smash Mouth – Keep Calm and Carry on moshing.

It seems to be the only club where you will lose everyone quickly but find them again with ease listening to the Jackson 5 in the main room. So basically, don’t panic, and just go with the flow.

You talking to me?

You talking to me?

Becky, a 20 year old Law Student said: “I do love coming here, but be prepared to be separated, I always lose everyone within 5 minutes.”

Johnny, a 19 year old Politics student said: “As long as they play some classics then Propaganda is a good night.”

We're kind of a big deal, people know us

We’re kind of a big deal, people know us – jut look at our smiles

What not to do:

Don’t come into the club, declare the music is shit then run off to get your face painted and your dignity forgotten at Magic Door.

Propaganda is the one of the better nights out in Birmingham. Whilst Snobs has a certain claustrophobic je ne sais quoi, Propaganda never loses its novelty as the music makes the rather large 02 come alive.

Also, you must be ready to have ‘witty’ conversations about music with some self-styled experts.

What to wear:

Trickiest question of the night – do you go for a Fatboy slimesque look with custom vintage Adidas tracksuit that every Middle class white girl wears? Do you shuffle? No.  No you do not.

You wear whatever you want, there is no code but if you feel the spirit move within you, yes, don a nice laidback shirt or t-shirt, preferably music based and prepare for lots of long conversations with ‘indie’ girls who like Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Don't be a mug

Don’t be a mug

Overheard conversations:

“I just totally fell in love with the Arctics after AM came out.”

“No I think Emo-pop is making a comeback.”

“Where is Lionel Ritchie when you need him?”

And perhaps the best one of the night…

“No, The Libertines are our modern day Rolling Stones.”

In essence, it’s a laugh, don’t be a music snob and sort your head out before you think Stuesdays is better. Propaganda is genuinely a great night out for all.