Hygiene ratings reveal Selly’s dirtiest takeaways

You may never think the same of Rooster’s…

hygiene ratings roosters selly oak takeaways

Term has begun and with it comes the inevitable late-night stops for kebabs, stress-induced calls to the local Chinese, and the rekindling of every Birmingham student’s love for Rooster’s.

But after looking at the health ratings for some of our favourite haunts, there are definitely some places to steer clear from.

The Tab has compiled a list of some of the best and worst takeaways in Selly Oak – and there might be some nasty surprises.

The food Standards Agency hygiene scale

The Food Standards Agency have their own hygiene scale

Chicken takeaways:

If you’re a chicken fan and a stickler for hygiene, you might be disappointed. While Dixy’s hygiene rating was an average 3/5, Chicken.com only scored it 1/5. It pains us to say that Rooster’s scored a mere 2/5 on the FSA scale – the food is definitely worth the risk though, and most students will probably stick by our old favourite.


Rooster House

Second year Shannon Farmer is one of these students, saying that she loves Rooster’s because:

“They give me extra cheese, and I like cheese”.

Dan White, third year and fried chicken connoisseur added:

“Getting a takeaway from Chicken.com instead of Dixy’s or Roosters is the culinary equivalent of robbing a group of orphans”.

Takeaway Mecca

Takeaway Mecca

Curry takeaways:

Birmingham is the curry capital of the UK, and so that means Brookey’s is the ghetto, scoring 0/5. That said, their kebabs are a cheap and cheerful option at the end of a night, and if you’ve been out you’ll probably be feeling dodgy the next day anyway. If you’re looking for a cleaner curry, Dilshad’s scrubs up with a 3/5, decent affordable food, and the option to bring in your own alcohol.



Chinese takeaways:

For Chinese, the Tin Sing got a 3/5, and the Golden Wok scored a 1/5 – however this is another place that is definitely worth the risk, as the food is cheap and actually pretty good.

Third year English student Danny Baggott said: “I love Chinese food. Poor hygiene ratings will not stop me from eating it”.

Pizza takeaways:

Pizza in Selly is a pretty safe bet, with Papa John’s scoring a full 5/5 and Big John’s scoring a 4/5. While Pizza Land only scored a 1/5, they do an amazing student meal deal, offering a 9” pizza, loads of chips and a drink for £3.99.



Just doing my research.


The land of Pizza

A selection of takeaway foods:

Adam’s Place ticks all the boxes, scoring an impressive 5/5, and supplying pretty much every kind of takeaway bar curry and Chinese. Fellow student Lily Whiting thinks this is well deserved, and told The Tab:

“Adam’s Place, for me, is the perfect place to end your night out. The staff are always up for a laugh and don’t care what a drunken mess you are, they’ll still make sure you’ve got your cheesy chips. The food is cheap and certainly cheerful.”

It’s a shame it’s been closed to make way for a Domino’s!

If this article has put you off certain places, just remember that all of these takeaways are probably cleaner than your kitchen – especially if you’re living in Maple Bank – so get over it and make the most of what Selly has to offer.