What do you think of the new New Street?

Grand central or grand disaster?

What do Birmingham students really think of the New “New Street” and all that comes with it?

Lizzie – English Literature : First Year PHD

 I really liked it a lot, it was a lot nicer than I had really expected. Really quite fancy!

Laurie – Economics : First year

Big improvement on what it was, and it’s really great to see investment going into somewhere that isn’t London!

 Caroline & Gina – Geography : First and Second Year

Caroline : I absolutely loved it, it was super modern and spacious, we went for a day out just to see it! It really was great

 Gina: I haven’t actually been yet due to my broken leg, but it will be top priority when I’m better, it’s just a bit manic at the moment
DSCF0455 copy

Chrissie – Classics : 3rd Year

Love the shopping that is available, especially all the new ones that aren’t in the Bull Ring, but got very lost trying to get out! It’s a bit confusing.

Will – English Lit : 1st Year

It’s very functional and a big improvement, it’s nice that it’s so near to the bullring and that there is some similar architecture finally. It’s a real statement piece Birmingham can be proud of!
DSCF0458 copy