Some DJs threw a massive house party in Selly last Friday

It was a big night

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Re:cord are a new Birmingham based group who have been running parties throughout the summer at Amusement 13.

But when the venue cancelled on them at the last minute, the quick thinking entrepreneurs decided to host an exclusive party in Selly Oak – and it was awesome.

Everyone wants to have the kind of parties people ask to come to, the ones with the mega speakers, sick music and all the snapchat stories – and this weekend, the Re:cord crew brought some proper DJ heavy weights to Selly Oak last Friday.


The set-up

Keep It On Wax resident Roux Kuss warmed up for brands Library UK, FZKS resident DJ’s, and Theo Omygard.

Library UK, have nearly 1.5 million hits on their YouTube channel, featuring some of the best house and UK Bass.


The night went off in Selly

The Tab spoke to the Library UK DJ’s about the night and they said:

“Between the three of us we play pretty diverse stuff we have a different take on what we like.

“It’s turned out real good, house parties are better vibe anyway because people get to do what they want.

“The night’s been sick, loads of people and a sick void system.”


A lot of people attended

Third year Politics and Philosophy student Joe Hodges is one of the money banks behind student venture Re:cord, and he said:

“There was a bit of panicking when we found out the venue cancelled but everything came together quite nicely, we kindly got the void system from The Audio Group for free, the DJs were very up for a party and in the end we had loads of people down so it was a great success.

‘We were really happy to have the Library UK djs playing – their Youtube channel has a great selection of music and that translated into an amazing set.

“Towards the end of the night Steffan Taylor (Colore) jumped on for an amazing final set, such good selection that we had applause and shouts of ‘one more song’ when we finally called it at 7am.”


Hodges continued: “We went round to the houses on each side and warned them about the party, it helps that they were both student houses. In the end we managed to go on till 7am without any noise complaints or police visits.”

Also hosting the party was third year chemist Ian Synott:

“We were worried initially, especially with the risk of the address being leaked or something similar, but even though there was a large amount in the end, it was a friendly, considerate bunch of people there for music and not to cause trouble.

“We still had to lock everything up though!”


“We had no noise complaints at all, despite some sound bleed, the speakers were enclosed in the house which meant it was actually quite quiet outside, which probably in itself limited gate crashers.

“There was definitely a bit of a WTF reaction about the speakers and the odd quip about the absolute certainty of the police being called but the latter didn’t happen and the house were generally really impressed by it.”