Birmingham soars into top 80 universities worldwide

‘We’re number one for being absolute legends though’

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The QS World University Rankings have been released this morning, and Birmingham have secured a well deserved place in the top 80 universities in the world and compared to most of our rivals, we have nailed it once again.

Brum’s pretty campus is no match for the 75 Universities that come before us..

Although this is a small slip from last year’s ranking at 64th worldwide, Birmingham’s ranking for 2015/16 is still placed in the top 80, which is pretty amazing.

Birmingham have excelled again this year, earning the top place that we all know it deserves.

The ranking of rivals such as Exeter (161), Liverpool (151), and Leeds (87), have all proved Birmingham’s success.

However, other rivals such as Warwick and Nottingham have been placed at 48th and 70th respectively, with Nottingham gaining 7 places on the leaderboard, and Warwick increasing their reputation by 13 positions.

As expected, top of the rankings sees universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, placing at 6th and 3rd. Harvard takes a well deserved 2nd place, with Massachusetts Institute of Technology seizing the top spot for the second year running.

We still have the biggest clock tower in the UK...

We do still have the biggest (and best) clock tower in the UK…

Political Economy student Angus Baillie was overjoyed with the news, explaining to the Tab:

“I am astounded to discover that a university which I have long acknowledged as first class has received the official recognition it deserves”.

Law student Matt Hartas took a slightly different view on the recent ranking, as he suggested:

“Whilst we may be 76th based on performance, lectures and facilities, we are still number one for being absolute legends”.

Danny Baggott, a final year English student who lives in Birmingham, added:

“Yes, love it. Birmingham is finally receiving some kind of good recognition. We are a lot better than most people make out.”

The World University Rankings are worked out by incorporating academic reputation which makes up 40% of the ranking, employer reputation (10%), student to faculty ratio (20%), citations per faculty (20%), international faculty ratio (5%) and international student ratio (5%).