Sozzled local is star of Google Street View after eagerly chasing car

Typical Brummie

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A sales manager has been left red-faced after he was captured on Google Street View drunkenly chasing a car.

Battered Luke Beer, 23, had been out with friends when they spotted the vehicle after stumbling out of a casino at 6am.

Comical images on Google maps shows the aptly-named joker being carried by two pals before he stands up and chases after the Google Street View car.

He narrowly avoids being hit by taxis as he sprints behind the specially adapted vehicle along Hill Street with his arms flailing before eventually giving up.

‘Wait for me’

Mortified Luke, of Sutton Coldfield, said he only recently realised he had been snapped by the car after the drunken antics in May last year.

He said: “It was funny behaviour I completely forgot I even did. This was the same morning I decided to sleep outside my pal’s house, even though the door was open.

“I only got told about this the other day. My mate happened to see on the web, just by chance, and tagged me in pictures on Facebook.

“It was a bit silly really. We were just messing about. We had been to various bars and clubs the night before and ended up, I think, in the casino.

“It was 6am. I was quite drunk. I don’t want to disclose exactly how much I had drunk that night.

He’s a ‘changed man’ now

His mates can be seen lifting him up

“We were looking for breakfast. My mates decided to carry me to find breakfast.

“We saw the Google Street car drive past and I just decided to run after it.

“I was a slightly hungover the next day. I would just like to thank Google for their perfect timing.”

He added: “But I was a bit mortified to see it as I’m a changed man now.

“I work in a family business and I have helped improve the company. I now am in charge of eight people and have helped the company grow.

“I was single back then but now I have a girlfriend and we are very happy. It’s a window into my past that I’m happy to leave behind.

“It’s was still a cracking night though.”